1. Filing for Divorce in MA: Doing Law School Right


    Most law school assignments don’t make you reflect deeply on your relationship to your community or to the legal system. But I actually did something this semester that made me heavily consider how I as a law student relate to Cambridge, and how the law relates to everyday people. I tried to figure out how to file for divorce in Massachusetts.

    To be clear, no, I’m not married, and no, I’m not getting divorced.

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  3. "Here’s a very simple method: when you set out to make something, whether it be software or policies or mechanisms for organizing information, ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen. Imagine a powerful person, someone endowed with the right circumstances of birth such that the odds are nearly always in their favor; and imagine, also, the reverse—someone for whom discrimination, oppression, violence, and poverty are commonplace. Then optimize to protect the latter, even at the expense of the former. And do it right away: not after you scale, not after the money is rolling in, not after a leak exposes you, but now. Yesterday, even. Go."

  5. "Most websites treat “I like it” and “This is good” as the same thing, leading to most people on the Internet refusing to distinguish between “I don’t like it” and “It’s not good”."

    From Ten Rules of Internet by Anil Dash.

    IMO, Yelp is one of the very few major sites out there that attempt to distinguish between “I like this,” and “This is good.” You can rate our reviews as Useful, Funny, or Cool, but you can’t like them.

    You can (and I have) made arguments regarding how providing only a single method for feedback will increase feedback, but no matter how true that might be, if your comment is centered around providing value over entertainment, asking your users to at least try to distinguish between “I like this” and “this is good” is an important part of quality control.

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  7. lacigreen:

    new vid is up ~ SEX WITH DISABILITIES?  my lovely friend olivia joins me to talk about her experiences with sexuality and disabilities!  tons of info, including:

    ✔ Stereotypes about people with disabilities
    ✔ Her successes and challenges with dating
    ✔ How to accommodate various disabilities during sex

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  8. "Sometimes a book derails you."

  9. "But some are given more days than others, and I think of dying at 17, in my loudness, in my vanity, which is to say in my human youth, and I tremble. I was barely anything. I understood barely anything. When Michael Dunn killed Jordan Davis, he obliterated a time-stream, devastated an open range of changes. And somewhere on that American jury, someone thought this was justice, someone believed in the voodoo of shotguns and teleportation. Michael Dunn killed a boy, and too robbed a man of his chance to be."